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ABA Therapy Services

What Is ABA Therapy?

ABA Therapy or Applied Behavior Analysis is a type of therapy designed to help improve specific behaviors in children and adults diagnosed with developmental disorders, one of those being the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Behavior Analysis examines what the cause of behavioral changes could be; it involves scientific study, takes into account biological factors, the role of the environment and behavior changes.

ABA Therapy then applies techniques based on the principles of learning to help change or redirect behaviors of social significance, such as hygiene, domestic capabilities, interpersonal relationship skills, cleanliness, greater menu integration for children who are limited in their food choices and communication for children who are non-verbal through reinforcement of positive behaviors.

ABA has been highly effective at significantly improving these behaviors while helping reduce problematic behaviors and decreasing the need for special services.

What We Do

aba home therapy

Your child’s behavior intervention plan is formulated by your assigned BCBA and is based on the assessment as well as evidence-based research and principles of the learning theory.

Our ABA professionals then provide one-on-one in-home therapy, under the supervision of the BCBA.

This plan is customized to match the child’s current skills, deficits, and interests. Each session works toward those goals and builds on previously learned skills.

parent & family training

Family training helps families learn about and implement the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to increase generalization of skills in the home and community environments. 

We view families as partners and the success of interventions depends on the family’s engagement with intervention services. This collaborative effort is led under the guidance of our BCBAs.

workshops and Training

As ABA providers part of our mission is to disseminate our methodologies and research to the community. Part of this outreach includes conducting workshops and training for your group. 

We can provide specific training to work with child-based agencies like schools and daycares. We also provide parent-centric workshops that demystifies autism and ABA while providing resources that will allow these families to implement strategies at home.

social skill groups

Appropriate social skills often present a challenge to children with autism and developmental disabilities.

At The Treetop Therapy, we optimize social skill building strategies by strategically incorporating them into each child’s learning program in a natural environment.

ABA paraprofessionals will teach your child proper socialization skills, which may include but are not limited to communication, greetings, and peer interaction.

The ABA paraprofessionals will teach these skills in a center-based location and then generalize them into a community setting.

Parents/Caregivers will be able to watch as their child flourishes with their newly learned behaviors.


It is common for a combination of verbal limitations, sensory overload and a sense of being misunderstood to cause a child to display unwanted behaviors.

This can affect the entire family. ABA paraprofessionals utilize the core principles of ABA and related treatments to replace the unwanted behaviors with more desirable ones.

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