When To Start & Stop ABA Therapy

Here are some considerations to make when deciding if you should start or stop ABA therapy for your child.

judah schiller
Judah Schiller
January 2, 2023
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January 2, 2023

When To Start & Stop ABA Therapy

As a parent, you want to do what is best for your child. You may have heard of ABA therapy and wonder if it is right for your family. Here are some things to consider when making the decision to start or stop ABA therapy.

According to ABA therapy professionals, Applied Behavior Analysis should be stopped when the child has completed 2-3 years of intensive therapy followed by 2-3 more years in a focused approach.

aba therapy should be stopped after 2-3 years of intensive therapy

ABA therapy is most effective when started as early as possible

when to start aba therapy

ABA therapy, or Applied Behavioral Analysis, has been proven to be a crucial tool in helping children with autism spectrum disorder live more meaningful and successful lives.

Starting this therapy as early as possible is key to its success; studies have found that beginning ABA before age four can make the biggest impact on children's development, improving their social and communication skills, as well as helping them interact more easily with their peers.

Starting ABA later than this can still yield positive results, however starting it as soon as possible gives children the best chance to benefit from it in the most profound way. Overall, ABA therapy is an invaluable resource for parents of young children with ASD and should not be ignored or postponed.

ABA therapy should be continued until the child reaches their goals

when aba therapy should continue

ABA therapy is an incredibly effective form of autism therapy that has been shown to help children with their language, social, and play skills. It is important for parents to continue the therapy with their child until they reach their desired goals and outcomes.

Parents should be patient and resilient in this journey, as each child will progress at different speeds and may need more or less time than another child. A licensed behavior analyst can work with parents to monitor the progress of the therapy and provide support along the way.

If there are ever any concerns, parents should feel free to contact their ABA provider right away - it is best to catch any issues early on so that adjustments can be made if needed. If they are able to stay consistent with the process and remain patient, ABA therapy can give children numerous positive benefits that will last throughout a lifetime.

ABA therapy can be discontinued if the child is no longer making progress

when to pause aba therapy

ABA therapy has been a powerful tool to helping children learn and overcome milestones, but like every form of therapy, it is not meant to last forever.

In terms of ABA therapies, if a child is no longer making progress in their development, therapists may recommend discontinuing this type of therapy. While this can be a difficult decision, it may be necessary for the sake of providing more effective and beneficial support.

Furthermore, when the time comes to discontinue ABA therapy, the therapists and parents can work together to explore other options for treatments and determine the best plan for the child moving forward.

Parents should consult with their child's therapist before starting or stopping ABA therapy

consult with therapist before starting aba therapy

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy is a powerful and effective tool used to shape the behavior of children joining hands with a lot of patience, dedication and sometimes even some controversy. It is important for parents to be informed and up-to-date regarding any decision made when it comes to ABA therapy for their child.

To get the most out of the therapy process, it is essential that parents consult their child’s therapist first before starting or stopping the ABA program.

Not only will this ensure that all communication lines stay open, but can also foster an environment of understanding and unity between the parties involved which will maximize results in aiding the best possible outcome.


In conclusion, ABA therapy is most effective when started as early as possible and should be continued until the child reaches their goals. However, if the child is no longer making progress, ABA therapy can be discontinued. Parents should consult with their child's therapist before starting or stopping ABA therapy.


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